Love, Courage, Determination, Persistence, and Folk Dancing

I remember when my folk dance class attendance, which once was about 20, slowly diminished until we were down to four.  I started losing money with the rental of our dance space. I thought about ending the class, giving up the group.  Then a strange thing happened:   I got mad.   Then a  small rose voice within me saying  “Never!  I will never give […]

Balkan Splendor 2017

       Jim Gold International Folk Tours BALKAN SPLENDOR! Folk Dancing,  Folk Music, Art, History, Culture, Adventure !SERBIA, CROATIA,          BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO        Belgrade, Novi Sad  South Serbia, Iba              Valley, Studenica, Nis,  Sarajevo, Mostar, Kotor, Budva, Dubrovnik October 15-29,  2017 Extension to Dubrovnik October 29-November 1  Led by Jim Gold and Lee Otterholt ★ Visit historic Balkan […]

Scotland 2017

     Jim Gold International Folk Tours and Richard Schmidt present:             Scotland ! Folk Dancing,  Folk Music, Folk Art, History, Culture, Folk Shopping, Adventure !August 7-20, 2017              Glasgow, Edinburgh,                Stirling, St Andrews, Aberdeen, Balmoral,  Inverness, Ben Nevis, Loch Ness, Loch Lomond        Led  by  Richard Schmidt ★ Meet with local dance groups ! ★ Breathtaking […]

Poland 2017

        Jim Gold International Folk Tours and Richard Schmidt present:           Poland           Festival Tour! July 21-August 5,  2017                    by  Richard Schmidt                     Folk Festivals, Folk Dancing,  Folk Music, Folk Art, History, Culture, Folk Shopping, Adventure !Kraków,  Rzeszów, Zakopane,                         Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Olsztyn, Żelazowa Wola,                Warszawa ★ Castles, palaces, historic sites, and museums ! ★ Meet with […]

Romania 2017

ROMANIA!   August 5-17, 2017            Led by Jim Gold Folk Dancing Folk Festivals Folk Music, Folk Art History, Culture Folk Shopping, Adventure Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj,  Sighetu Marmatiei, Piatra Neamt, Brasov SEE A WHOLE RANGE OF ROMANIANS! ★ Wallachia-Bucharest–old and new Romanians ★ Transylvania–Germans and Hungarians ★ Maramures–the old customs and unique dances ★ Moldova–14th century monasteries and old […]

Can there be beauty?

Can there be beauty? Can there be beauty in ugly, messy and painful? Maybe. After all, that is how the process works. And, while you mull over this idea, to help understand this process,    enjoy the exciting, fun dance:                                                                            Toicevo Kolo:  Just click on this link:


Dear Posty, Torry O’Dor from Galway, Ireland just choreographed this Toreador Dance using music from the French Au Pere A  Karmen by Djeordge Bizhay.  Surely, a toreador blast from (perhaps) Pamplona.   See the bulls running through the streets right now! See the bull dance in person! Check out Torry’s Toreador dance, re-choreographed and re-danced Jim’s Spanish namesake, Jimenez del Oro. Click on this […]

Travel Worm Turns Green

Travel Worm Turns Green Why travel? 1. Good to get out of the house. 2. For adventure 3 For profit. 4. For prophet 5. Four Carnage 6. Phor  Ccornucopia 7. Other  

Guitar Meeting

Guitar Meeting Can slow-and-beautiful playing And fast-and-sloppy playing Ever meet? If yes, what new level would that be?